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Provence-Alpes-French Riviera

With their fields of lavender, olive groves, rolling hills, thick cork-oak and pine forests, vineyards, mountains and dazzling blue sea, Provence and the Côte d'Azur are an embarrassment of scenic riches. The region is blessed with almost year-round sunshine and a divine light, making travelling to Provence a delight whatever the season.

The diversity of landscapes is truly astonishing for such a small pocket of the world: you can go from beach to snow-covered peaks in just an hour. There are many unusual gems to seek out: fossils trapped for eternity in rock formations; Europe's deepest canyon; hills of vibrant yellow and red ochres; rare wildlife; and crystalline Mediterranean coves.

French Riviera
The Côte d'Azur is one of Europe's most glamorous summer holiday destinations. It twists and turns for more than 160km, and is dotted with glitzy legends such as St-Tropez and Cannes and many lesser-known idylls, including Eze and Vence. It has attracted aristocracy, artists and actors for years, drawn by the sumptuous establishments, the sensual coastline and the unique light. In the summer the French Riviera is packed but, unlike many resort areas, it does not close down completely in winter. (See also Nice.)


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